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Blinkcns Strengthens its Advisory Board with the Appointment of Civic Entrepreneur and Women in Leadership Advocate Sylvie Légère


Blinkcns, Inc, a biotech company pioneering blink reflex technology intended to improve the detection and management of neurological disease and conditions, is thrilled to announce the addition of Sylvie Légère to its advisory board. A social entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and co-founder of The Policy Circle, Légère will positively shape the future of blinkcns along with the advisory’s other members.


Blinkcns’ innovative method for analyzing the blink reflex was founded by a renowned team from the Medical University of South Carolina to assist in the clinical assessment of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The technology delivers light puffs of air to a patient’s eyes to elicit the blink as the system captures, measures, and assesses 18,000 frames of blink reflex data in about 30 seconds. Blinkcns was launched in 2017 and has since applied this technology, named EyeStat, to additional neurological diseases and conditions like Parkinson’s disease, ADHD, dry eye, and migraine with the clinical purpose to help design, monitor and augment patient care plans. As blinkcns moves forward with its device’s applications, its advisory board continues to be central to the direction of the company.


Légère is the co-founder of The Policy Circle, an organization which informs, equips, and connects women to be more impactful. Her focus is on creating innovative solutions for uniting people and advancing emerging female changemakers. Légère has worked with Fortune 500 companies including JPMorgan, Chase, and Schwab, and she leans on her own experience of having to move from her comfort zone in male-dominated industries. The Policy Circle has partnered with 25+ impact driven companies on a mission to resolve societal concerns. Légère is also the author of ‘Trust Your Voice: A Roadmap to Focus and Influence’, which sets forth a blueprint for women in leadership. Beyond her prestigious resume and accolades, Légère is known for her philanthropic efforts. Sylvie and her husband, Todd Ricketts, whose family is the majority owner of the Chicago Cubs, are active in countless organizations that make a positive impact in communities. 


Blinkcns is carving a path for specific neurological conditions, many of which are difficult, time- intensive and costly to diagnose and treat with traditional modern means. By researching areas such as Parkinson’s, TBI and ADHD, blinkcns creates problem-solving technology that can be easily applied to provide quantitative, cost-effective results that assess brain function. The company’s advisory board plays an instrumental role in ensuring the best future for the blinkcns mission.


“We are delighted to announce Sylvie as the newest addition to our advisory board. She is a highly influential entrepreneur with an admirable leadership style that will greatly enhance our company trajectory and values, said blinkcns CEO, Ryan Fiorini. Learn more by visiting

About blinkcns


Blinkcns is dedicated to transforming and improving the lives and journeys of millions suffering from neurological diseases by enhancing their diagnosis, management, and patient care plan. Its FDA-cleared patented technology, EyeStat, provides fast, 100% objective data about the blink reflex in a 30 second test. EyeStat deploys eight light puffs of air across a patient’s eyelashes to stimulate the blink as high-speed videography records the eyelids and measures up to 100 parameters. Blinkcns’ current areas of CNS disease focus are Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and continues to research and apply its technology to various other diseases and conditions.

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