Advisors & Board

Our Advisors and Board of Directors make up a network of experts with keen focus in health, science and business development. The group's craft and extensive experience in their respective fields help reach our mission and guide the direction of our company

Scientific Advisors

Director of the Parkinson's Dept. at the Institute of Neurology, IRCCS San Camillo in Venice

Director of the Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Research Centre

Researcher at Sapienza University of Rome; Department of Neurology and Psychiatry

Board Certified Ophthalmologist

Director at The Research Institute for the Care of the
Elderly (RICE)

Principal Investigator

Senior research investigator at the Univ. of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine

Medical Director

Scientific Advisor & Cofounder

Board of Directors

Neurological Surgery at Medical University of South Carolina 


Dallas Mavericks 

American Sports Executive

Financial Manager,
Office of Jerome J. Richardson

Executive Chairman