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Parkinson's Disease

A disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors

The facts

million people living with Parkinson's in the US


billion in direct medical costs


billion in total annual cost 


years is avg amount of time disease goes undiagnosed

3 out of 5

Americans will suffer from a nervous system disease
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Parkinson's patients experience a long and frustrating  journey following the presentation of initial symptoms. There is a strong bibliography that supports the potential role of the blink reflex in the diagnosis and management of the disease

Our integration and goals

• Research collaborations with pharmaceutical and academic organizations
• Pharmaceutical trials to improve the  study population selection and improve therapeutic efficacy
• Working to develop and quantify EyeStat to be a new biomarker of Parkinson's Disease
• Preparing to use EyeStat in Telehealth, Point of Care, and home markets to monitor Parkinson's remotely
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