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Doug Carnes, PhD 

Scientific Advisor & Cofounder

Doug received his Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Medicine at The Citadel, Charleston, SC; his Masters in Science Education at the University of Georgia; and his Doctorate in Microbiology and Biochemistry at the University of Georgia.

Doug began his medical education career working in the pharmaceutical industry for SmithKline and French (SK&F) Laboratories in 1973. He began his tenure with SK&F as Regional Medical Liaison for the Southwest region of the country. During that time, he worked directly with 20 major medical teaching centers, as well as federal, state, and local hospitals systems (public and private) in an effort to help improve patient care and infection control.

Doug became a District Sales Manager in 1976 for the Southeast Sale Region and was based in Raleigh, NC. In January of 1976, he was brought into the home office to develop, coordinate, and oversee the introduction of Tagamet, the world’s first H2 antagonist blocker. Doug headed the company’s training departments where he was responsible for all sales representative and manager training. While at SK&F, Doug ran the quality control, printing, and distribution operations for the corporation.

Doug left the large corporate environment in the mid-1980s to become an entrepreneur in the field of medical education, marketing, and communications, forming Carnes Communications, Inc. Doug’s company grew from a modest seven-person, half-million corporation to a large 125-person, $20 million company when it was sold in January of 1998. The corporation serviced the pharmaceutical industry, developing and delivering educational programs to sales representatives and health care professionals. The company worked in video, film, print, live, and Internet media. Doug has been recognized by several medical professional societies for the quality and timeliness of his company’s medical educational programming.

When the company was sold to HealthAnswers, Inc. in 1998, Doug became Corporate Executive Vice President of marketing and strategic business development. Prior to his retirement Doug developed and implemented the company’s strategic entry into the Internet healthcare market arena. Since his retirement, Doug has continued to serve as a consultant to the medical communications industry.

From 2002–2014, Doug served as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Business Administration, teaching Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. In 2012 Doug became CEO of ImmunoLogix, Inc., a Charleston-based biopharmaceutical company. ImmunoLogix, Inc. held exclusive patent and proprietary rights to the only technology making 100% human antibodies from human tonsils. In 2013, Doug negotiated the sale of ImmunoLogix, Inc. to Intrexon corporation located in Reston, VA.

In 2014, after the sale of ImmunoLogix, Inc., Doug became CEO of Kerdea Technologies, Inc., which is headquartered in Greenville, NC. Kerdea Technologies developed a new and revolutionary technology for the control of the oxygen/fuel mixture in fuel-injected engine configurations. Under Doug’s leadership Kerdea has obtained multiple national and international patents. Kerdea Technologies now has a License Agreement with a major India-based company, Pricol Limited. Pricol is Kerdea’s commercialization partner. They manufacture, sell, and distribute Kerdea’s O2 sensor technology on a global market.

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