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WaveGuide Corporation CEO, Nelson Stacks, Appointed to Board of Directors of Blinkcns, Inc.


Charleston, SC, October 13, 2021 – Blinkcns, Inc., a biotech company exploring the use of their non-invasive blink reflex technology for the early detection and management of neurological diseases and conditions, today announced the appointment of Nelson Stacks to their Board of Directors.

Nelson Stacks brings to blinkcns a wide range of skills, industry exposure, and leadership. He is a serial entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of broad turn-around experience in Biopharma, Diagnostics and Medical Devices. Mr. Stacks currently operates as Director, President and CEO of WaveGuide Corporate, a company with the world’s first portable battery-operated Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) device. WaveGuide’s novel technology, The WaveGuide Formµla, is a compact, battery-operated analytical device that delivers precision and portability to transform on-site diagnostics and screening across medical, food and industrial applications. Under his leadership, along with raising over 30m for the company, Nelson has led WaveGuide Formµla to be Point of Care detection for numerous uses including oil and gas exploration, industrial anti-counterfeiting, and military uses.


Nelson’s career in the biotech industry dates back to 1993 when he worked for the Intermountain Scientific Corporation as VP of Sales. Since then, his career has transcended across a magnitude of positions within renowned biotech companies including, but not limited to: President at Tarpon Biosystems, Independent board director at Sideris, Chairman of the board for Canterbury Laboratories, Director and CEO at Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals, Director, President and CEO of Vascular Pathways Incorporated, Director and CEO of Telesso Corporation, Chairman and Director of Xbio Systems, Executive Chairman and acting CEO of Xenome Ltd, Director of Columna, General Partner at 3i Ventures, Vice President of Business Development at Lexiquest, Product Manager For Periodontal Technologies, and Product Manager For Reconstructive Technologies at Stryker Biotech. 


“We are very pleased to welcome our new board member at this exciting time in blinkcns’ growth,” said Jeff Riley, Executive Chairman of blinkcns. “As a highly respected and seasoned executive, Nelson Stacks strengthens our board with a deep background and perspective in both medical devices and venture capital.  We look forward to accessing his expertise and guidance as we move the company to it’s next phase of development.”

About Blinkcns

Blinkcns Inc. is a medical device company pioneering blink reflex technology intended to promptly test for and identify a variety of neurological states and conditions. EyeStat is the world’s first FDA-cleared medical device indicated for the assessment of the blink reflex, a component of the startle response. A technological marvel that is part equipment, part software, EyeStat provides objective quantitative data in a matter of minutes. EyeStat captures a subject’s baseline blink reflex and subsequent scans can be used, if warranted, by clinicians to evaluate and assess for abnormalities of the blink reflex. Blinkcns continues to research and apply its technology to several neurological states and conditions, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, and ALS, and the effect that each condition has on the blink reflex. The company’s mission is to dramatically improve the detection, differentiation, and management of neurological disease through rapid, noninvasive collection of objective data from the eyes.

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